Vinyl fabric for pets


Vinyl is a more versatile fabric than most people think. While it is great for handbags and boots, it can also be a perfect material for the pet in your home. You can find touches of vinyl and PVC in an assortment of pet accessories on the market today. Here are just a few of them to consider:

vinyl dog bedRain Coats
If you don’t want your pooch to get soaked in the pouring rain, you can get a rain coat to keep him or her protected. Doggy rain coats are actually becoming quite popular nowadays, especially with small breed dogs. Vinyl fabric is water proof, so any rain that comes down just glides right off it. That is what makes this the perfect material for pet rain coats.

Dog Beds
You can now find dog beds made of patent vinyl, if you want a shiny touch in your home. Usually the outside of the bed will be made in vinyl, while the inside will be made of a softer fabric that feels better on your dog’s skin. These beds are padded just as you would expect them to be, and they are durable enough to last for a long time in the future.

pink vinyl dog coatDog Carriers
If you have a small breed dog like a Chihuahua, you may enjoy carrying him or her around with you in a dog bag. This is essentially a purse that doubles as a cage for your pet, giving you a chance to bring him or her with you wherever you go. The slick look of vinyl on such a bag will draw even more attention to your beloved arm candy, so you may want to check that out the next time you go shopping.

Never assume that you are the only one in your home that can enjoy vinyl fabric. You can get patent vinyl pet accessories at any time.

Top Online Retailers for Vinyl Fashions


Vinyl fabric is starting to transform the fashion industry. It is the sheen of the future, and you can see it on anything from handbags to full jumpsuits. There are many retailers online that sell shiny fabrics and fashions, but some of them are more well-known than others. Here is a list of some of the top places to shop online when you want to add a piece of vinyl to your wardrobe.

Pierre Silber
Pierre Silber is a store for exotic dancers and other people in need of sexy lingerie, but you can find some clothing there that you can wear in public as well. They have an array of patent vinyl jackets, slick skirts, water proof pants and more. You should have no trouble finding something for your PVC needs. If you do feel like getting something a little on the sexy side, they have a huge selection of lingerie to choose from. It just depends on what you need.

Etsy Vinyl Handbag Sellers
Etsy is a great site to go to when you want to find online retailers, and there are several stores on this site that specialize in vinyl handbags. Holdfast Handbags, Sally Marie, and Sinister Bags are all great stores within Etsy that you can turn to when you want a shiny accessory to go with your daily wardrobe. Whether you want a special piece for a night out or a patent purse to use on a daily basis, you should be able to find a retailer there that can provide you with what you need.

Black vinyl outfitVinyl handbagFatal Woman
Fatal Woman is another online vinyl retailer offers lingerie-style fashions. You can find tons of great dresses, shirts, and pants in there to wear out in public, but you can also find some fashions that are meant to be worn behind closed doors. That is a standard with most retailers who sell patent vinyl clothing though, just because the fabric is still a little futuristic for mainstream fashion trends.

Snaz 75

Snaz 75 offers slightly sexier clothing than the other retailers mentioned above, but there are fashions for all purposes here. Snaz 75 offers some great vinyl costumes for Halloween, roleplay, or whatever else you may need them for. You can find full outfits or individual pieces here, depending on what you want for the time.

Vinyl outfit by Suzie FoxSuzi Fox
Suzi Fox is a well-known name in slick slacks and shiny shirts, and you can find Suzi Fox designs in several stores online. Liquid Vinyl Clothing is the most popular seller of Suzi Fox fashions online, and there you can see an array of clothing that may fit in perfectly with your PVC desires.

No matter what sort of vinyl fashions you need, there is surely an online retailer out there that can give you what you want. Before you pop over to the nearest adult novelty store hoping to find some vinyl in the mix, you might want to use the web to get what you need.

Vinyl and Faux Leather Jeans

When it comes to choosing a pair of vinyl or faux leather pants, the options are almost limitless, it just depends on what it is that you are looking for. These pants are wildly popular, so there are many different types of vinyl and faux leather pants available to choose from, all much better than the options that we were given in the past.

Faux Leather Pants

Today’s styles are not the old “pleather” that first came out on the market, rather, they are made with polyester and spandex so that they breathe and are much more like fabric than the previously were. We have come a long way, baby!


One of the most popular incarnations of the look fuses two different trends: leather and leggings. Leather leggings or liquid leggings, as they are most frequently referred to, are a great fashion-forward look to throw on when you are going shopping or having a casual dinner out. Pair them with an oversized top or sweater for a daytime look or a sexy top for a nighttime look. When worn with stilettos, they can be edgy and when worn with ballet flats, they can become a more casual look. The versatility of liquid leggings has made them a wardrobe staple for both celebrities and average women.

Shiny Vinyl Pants
Shiny Vinyl Pants

The most common faux leather pant style is the classic jean style and it has experienced the most popular from their inception until the present day. You can find them in a slim fit, loose fit and flared leg style and even a bell-bottom trouser. They look great with gauzy style shirts, sweaters over buttoned down shirts, cotton tees, and the most common way that women usually put the look together: oversized tops such as sweaters. By wearing a top made from a different fabric, you can steer away from the “biker babe” look, unless, of course, that is what you’re going for, which you can easily do by wearing a matching vest or jacket.


Although there are not typically a wide variety of color choices for the jean style, with a little research, you can find all different colors of liquid leggings. Black is still the most popular color, but there is almost every color imaginable available.

Vinyl Leggings
Vinyl Leggings

In terms of texture selection, vinyl pants are always shiny and you can see the difference between vinyl and faux leather immediately. Some faux leather apparel is hard to distinguish from the real thing; however, that is not the case with vinyl apparel, which does not attempt to imitate, rather, it is its own look.


Vinyl is often a racier, edgier look that faux leather, as it is often associated with sexy photo shoots. Although most women assume that this makes them “unwearable” by the average woman or someone that is closer to average weight, they are surprisingly flattering on many different body types and are a remarkably comfortable fit. This eye-catching trend is available almost everywhere, giving every woman an edgy statement piece that they can easily incorporate into their wardrobes and turn heads wherever they go.


Vinyl Winter Coats

Winter is here, and we all want to be warm. One of the greatest budgetary fashionista finds for the cold weather is a winter vinyl coat.



Winter Coat made of Vinyl
Winter Coat made of Vinyl

Shiny jackets are totally “in” right now, and nothing is shinier than a winter vinyl coat. Anyone who watches the HBO television series, True Blood, will undoubtedly remember the gorgeous winter vinyl coat that Pam wore, making a fashion statement that was literally “slick.”


Some people wonder if a vinyl coat will be warm enough for winter and the answer is “yes!” Simply purchase a coat that is a little bit looser than what you might traditionally wear and layer warm sweaters and fuzzy polar fleece pullovers underneath it. Winter is the perfect time for a vinyl coat, giving you a waterproof coat that will stand up to even the toughest of blizzards.



Biker Jacket
Biker Jacket

With the wide popularity of vinyl this season, you can find vinyl coats in just about every style and color. There is everything from chic little short jackets to parka-length coats. Depending on your style, you can find a vinyl coat that has the look of a motorcycle jacket, or you can find a look that is ready to brave Siberia.


There are a wide variety of options: you can get peek-a-boo sleeves in shiny black or a wintery suede-looking coat that is warm and retro. A shiny finish will give you the look of leather and a matte finish will give you the look of suede. There is a winter vinyl coat to match any wardrobe or lifestyle. You will seldom see one of these coats over $100, so they are priced just right for the fashion-lover with a budget in mind.


If you are looking for a coat that’s flexible, warm, and fits perfectly into your lifestyle, you won’t find anything that’s a better fit than a new winter vinyl coat. Get yours, and rock it!