Vinyl Fabric Inspiration from Etsy


Vinyl can be found as the main material that is used in many different articles of clothing in the fashion world. Although we may not see it in our everyday lives, one look at Etsy, an online site where people sell all types of specialty merchandise, and you can find an unlimited number of vinyl styles, ranging from shiny patent vinyl to matte vinyl. In the clothing category on Etsy, a significant portion of the outfits are made from vinyl.


This first picture shows an outfit made almost entirely out of vinyl; however, the seller is only offering the jacket for sale. The jacket has a band of jersey sweatshirt material around the waistline to add a unique contrast from the shiny vinyl that comprises the upper body and sleeves. The sleeves are lined with a row of buckles and there are also buckles on the front of the jacket to add detail and design.  Although the seller on Etsy is not advertising for the PVC vinyl pants in this picture, they do complete this head to toe vinyl outfit. In this picture, the vinyl almost looks like expensive leather.


This next picture does not show a complete outfit, but it does show a vinyl article of clothing that will protect the rest of your outfit. Vinyl is a great material for raingear, as shown by this women’s raincoat. And while the water will run off the jacket, the vinyl still looks a little like leather. The patterned yellow fabric adds a bright, whimsical contrast to the darkness of the black vinyl fabric.

Here is another head-to-toe vinyl outfit that can be found on Etsy: a true statement piece that looks very much like white leather. The white vinyl is lined with flocked velvet fabric to add a soft edge to the otherwise tough-looking fabric. The vinyl skirt has a mermaid cut to add another eyecatching feature to the outfit.

With this Etsy outfit, vinyl is taken to evening or party wear. The vinyl has been texturized to give it the look of being alligator leather. Had it not stated that it was vinyl, anyone might assume that this outfit was made from real alligator.

There are quite a few Etsy sellers who specialize in making outfits from vinyl. Each one of the pictures featured is from a different seller and each has a different style and function.

Even if you don’t plan on purchasing anything, Etsy can be great inspiration for your own vinyl fabric sewing projects. Once you realize how many different styles you can make from vinyl, the only limit is your imagination. From evening to rainy day to cooler weather, vinyl can be introduced in to any wardrobe for any use to create a unique look.

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