Goth Clothing and Vinyl Fabric: a Classic Duo

Everyone has their own unique look, their own sense of style. These looks and styles tend to get classified in to a certain category: preppy, professional, sporty, or Goth.  People are quick to put labels on things and the type of style that a person has is no exception.  Out of all of the previously mentioned styles, Goth is probably the one that is judged the most harshly.

When society thinks of the word “Goth”, an image of an adolescent teen in heavy eyeliner, piercings, and dark clothing may come to mind.  Consequently, this look classifies the wearer as a troublemaker.  However, these generalizations of the Goth looks and the misconceptions that come along with the people who dress in that way can be very wrong.  Like they say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

Goth is not all gloom and doom.  It can be rich, using plush velvet, suede, and leather.  The clothing does tend to be darker, which is why so many people jump to conclusions about the wearer.

The three pictures are just a sampling of what could be considered as Goth clothing.  As you can see, a trend in Goth clothing is a leather look.  Typically, this leather look comes from the material vinyl, which gives Goth clothing the same look leather would without the huge expense.

It is common for a Goth outfit to have at least some part of it that is vinyl.  This can be a top, a bottom, or an accessory.  Since Goth clothing has largely fallen out of favor, it may be difficult to find the exact pieces that you are looking for; however, that can be easily remedied with a sewing machine and some vinyl fabric.

The first picture shows a cluster from left to right of a top, a jacket, and a dress.  While nothing except the jacket is made from vinyl, this picture shows that not all Goth clothing should be held in disdain.  It also disproves the common conception that all Goth clothing is dark by showing the bright red dress.

The middle picture shows another outfit that could be worn by anyone; even those who do not consider the Goth look to be part of their personal style.  While the entirely black Goth outfit may seem gloomy to some, having the outfit in all the same color produces a slimming effect.  The vinyl fabric of the leather pants also shows off the wearer’s lean legs.

The third and final picture shows an outfit that may not be to everyone’s taste, but  is still a fairly versatile Goth outfit.  Made entirely from vinyl, the military jacket and skirt combination adds a structured, tailored look to a feminine silhouette, striking an intriguing balance between the two.

Goth outfits are statements, not because they have bold colors or designs.  They are bold outfits because of the vinyl fabric typically found somewhere in the ensemble.  Although the majority of Goth outfits are pretty unimaginative when it comes to color, when it comes to fabric, the sky is the limit.  Like any other style, it is up to you to add your personal flair to it to make the style truly yours.

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