Vinyl Fashion Inspiration from Pinterest

There is no limit to the uses of vinyl. Vinyl can be used for many different applications. A lot of people may think of vinyl records but today, vinyl is becoming an inspiration to the fashion designers of the world.

Vinyl is taking the fashion industry to a new level, as it provides a way for a piece of clothing to look expensive, without actually having to be expensive.

A popular way to incorporate vinyl in to fashion is with any sort of vinyl bottom. This can include skirts, pants, and shorts. The vinyl material makes whatever article of clothing it is molded into a statement piece. The shine of the vinyl captures the attention of anyone who is nearby.

The two pictures above show two very different looks, but they have one thing in common: vinyl bottoms. The left shows a more conservative look; whereas, the one on the right showcases a look that is a little more adventurous. Each is a statement piece and can give the wearer very different looks, even though they are technically wearing the same fabric.

As you can see in the picture on the right, another way vinyl can capture the eye is by its bold colors. A lot of these hues include neon pinks, greens, and yellows. If vinyl in these colors is too loud for the wearer, neon vinyl accessories also add a nice touch to any outfit as a more subtle statement piece.

This oversized vinyl clutch uses a pop of neon vinyl to grab the eye of passersby. It does not have as bold of a look as a hot pink and silver vinyl outfit, but it adds interest and personality to its carrier. The style is simple enough for even beginning seamstresses to make their own from vinyl fabric at home.

Vinyl handbags are a little less dramatic than an oversized vinyl clutch, but still very appealing. A vinyl handbag gives the impression of leather, while maintaining a lower price tag.

The two above pictures show how functional vinyl can be. The picture on the left is a vinyl messenger bag and the picture on the right shows a two-strap purse. Both are versatile enough to be used in a casual or business setting. They are simplistic, yet they look expensive.

Vinyl is everywhere. From clothing to accessories, vinyl is taking over the fashion world, offer wearers everything from the subtle air of expensiveness to an eye-catching piece that is certain to turn heads.

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