Styles of vinyl raincoats

Vinyl Trench Coat

Vinyl Trench Coat

Although most of us haven’t worn a vinyl raincoat since childhood or a voyage on the Maiden of the Mist at Niagara Falls, they are a look worth revisiting for a kitschy, cute, or retro addition to your wardrobe. The vinyl slicker raincoat has been used as part of an iconic culture for almost a century.


One of the first uses of a vinyl raincoat as part of an advertising campaign came when the makers of Morton Salt needed a logo. They decided on a little girl wearing a vinyl raincoat, holding an umbrella in one hand to fight off the heavy rain and holding a box of salt that was pouring out of the container behind her.

The motto,”When it rains, it pours” was born and became a slogan and logo popular to pop culture. The girl in the image has changed six times since its conception, but the vinyl raincoat has remained in each one; the current logo has been used since 1968.

In the American movie classic “Singing in the Rain”, dancing sensations Gene Kelly, Donald O’Conner and Debbie Reynolds used vinyl raincoats as props during their famous dance number to “Good Morning” and the traditional yellow vinyl slicker-type raincoat was also show throughout the movie.

Long Vinyl Trench CoatIn the 60’s, mods wore vinyl raincoats of various styles, some in a black and white color scheme, and others clear, with black detailing to show off their Mary Quant mini-dresses and complement the geometric styles of their dresses and accessories with geometric outlines in black.

While these slick raincoats may not be an ingrained part of our culture these days, vinyl clothing of all types is back in a big way, and protecting yourself from the rain with vinyl is the perfect complement to your vinyl handbag and vinyl leggings, completing the look by adding a new layer to it.

Clear Vinyl Raincoat

Clear Vinyl Raincoat

Vinyl is a fantastic fabric for coats of all lengths, from waist length coats, to coats that fall above the knee, to classic trench coats with the hem falling below the knee for a ladylike and professional look. It is a look that is adaptable to anyone, depending on the length and the color or print of vinyl that you choose.

Metallic styles can add a high-fashion twist to a rainy day; whereas, polka dots can add a touch of childlike whimsy and fun to your wardrobe. If you live somewhere like Seattle or Portland, a vinyl raincoat gives you a way to incorporate the fun and shiny fabric to your wardrobe on an almost daily basis; whereas, in other parts of the country, the novelty and excitement of wearing vinyl makes a rainy day cause for celebration rather than a cause for gloom.

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