Vinyl leggings: from Hollywood to your closet

Coco Austin wearing vinyl leggings.

Coco Austin wearing vinyl leggings.

It seems like no matter where we turn these days, we are seeing vinyl leggings in the media, whether we’re reading US Weekly or watching Fashion Police, they are absolutely everywhere.  Celebrities of all types and body shapes are embracing the vinyl leggings trend, from Miley Cyrus to Coco Austin.

Victoria Beckham pairs them with a conservative, lady-like blazer just about everywhere that she goes; Elle Macpherson walks the red carpet in them; and they appear on just about every pop star’s tour and in every nightclub that celebrities frequent.

Although it may look like a trend that only a Hollywood celebrity with a tenuous relationship with food can pull off, women like Coco Austin and J. Lo have amply proven that this trend is flattering for women of all shapes.  Daily Mail asked women of various age groups, heights, and sizes that ranged from 8 to 14 to put the look to the test.

Miley Cyrus and black vinyl leggings.

Miley Cyrus wearing black vinyl leggings.

While most of them expected them to look ridiculous on their bodies, they unanimously agreed that it was “like a corset for their thighs” giving their backside a lift and trimming their thigh and hip measurements by an inch, with the added benefit of the color black’s slimming qualities.

Not all women have the right social situation in which to wear vinyl leggings; however, celebrities and mortals alike have proven that size and shape have no bearing on whether or not the trend will look great on you.  While you may look fantastic in them, the average women interviewed and photographed for Daily Mail warned that they were “certainly not for shrinking violets” and that the only way for them to look their best is to look comfortable and exude confidence in them, because vinyl leggings and self-confidence are an unbeatable and completely unforgettable combination.

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