Shiny Futuristic Clothing


When it comes to fashion, the world is constantly looking to the future. There are many modern fabric options out there that are known for being futuristic in their appearance. This video has a showcase of futuristic attire that illustrates what people assume will be popular decades from now. You may be able to use some ideas from this video to inspire you to create an outfit that is ahead of its time.

Throughout the video, you can see that the women wearing the outfits are in shiny fabrics that reflect light as they walk. These fabrics are most likely vinyl, PVC, snakeskin, or something along those lines. The reason why sheen is considered futuristic is because most people are not confident enough to wear such bold clothing in public at the moment. As celebrities like Lady Gaga make that more of a “norm” in society, shine may become less bold and more average over time.

The futuristic fashions in this video are almost all made in bold colors, like red, yellow, silver, and more. That again goes in line with the concept of standing out in the crowd. While those colors may seem over the top in high doses at the moment, they are certainly expected for the future.
For the most part, people assume that futuristic designs are going to be very geometric. You can expect to see straight lines and angles in most forms of clothing, and vinyl is the perfect material to make that happen. It is stiff enough to hold its shape, but still soft enough to be comfortable when you wear it. This just shows how well vinyl will fit in for the future.

While this fashion show may only hold a glimpse into the future, it is nice to see how others expect fashion to change over the next few decades. You may be wearing vinyl outfits like these sooner than you expect.

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