Vinyl fabric for pets


Vinyl is a more versatile fabric than most people think. While it is great for handbags and boots, it can also be a perfect material for the pet in your home. You can find touches of vinyl and PVC in an assortment of pet accessories on the market today. Here are just a few of them to consider:

vinyl dog bedRain Coats
If you don’t want your pooch to get soaked in the pouring rain, you can get a rain coat to keep him or her protected. Doggy rain coats are actually becoming quite popular nowadays, especially with small breed dogs. Vinyl fabric is water proof, so any rain that comes down just glides right off it. That is what makes this the perfect material for pet rain coats.

Dog Beds
You can now find dog beds made of patent vinyl, if you want a shiny touch in your home. Usually the outside of the bed will be made in vinyl, while the inside will be made of a softer fabric that feels better on your dog’s skin. These beds are padded just as you would expect them to be, and they are durable enough to last for a long time in the future.

pink vinyl dog coatDog Carriers
If you have a small breed dog like a Chihuahua, you may enjoy carrying him or her around with you in a dog bag. This is essentially a purse that doubles as a cage for your pet, giving you a chance to bring him or her with you wherever you go. The slick look of vinyl on such a bag will draw even more attention to your beloved arm candy, so you may want to check that out the next time you go shopping.

Never assume that you are the only one in your home that can enjoy vinyl fabric. You can get patent vinyl pet accessories at any time.

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