Vinyl Fabric Inspiration from Etsy


Vinyl can be found as the main material that is used in many different articles of clothing in the fashion world. Although we may not see it in our everyday lives, one look at Etsy, an online site where people sell all types of specialty merchandise, and you can find an unlimited number of vinyl styles, ranging from shiny patent vinyl to matte vinyl. In the clothing category on Etsy, a significant portion of the outfits are made from vinyl.


This first picture shows an outfit made almost entirely out of vinyl; however, the seller is only offering the jacket for sale. The jacket has a band of jersey sweatshirt material around the waistline to add a unique contrast from the shiny vinyl that comprises the upper body and sleeves. The sleeves are lined with a row of buckles and there are also buckles on the front of the jacket to add detail and design.  Although the seller on Etsy is not advertising for the PVC vinyl pants in this picture, they do complete this head to toe vinyl outfit. In this picture, the vinyl almost looks like expensive leather.


This next picture does not show a complete outfit, but it does show a vinyl article of clothing that will protect the rest of your outfit. Vinyl is a great material for raingear, as shown by this women’s raincoat. And while the water will run off the jacket, the vinyl still looks a little like leather. The patterned yellow fabric adds a bright, whimsical contrast to the darkness of the black vinyl fabric.

Here is another head-to-toe vinyl outfit that can be found on Etsy: a true statement piece that looks very much like white leather. The white vinyl is lined with flocked velvet fabric to add a soft edge to the otherwise tough-looking fabric. The vinyl skirt has a mermaid cut to add another eyecatching feature to the outfit.

With this Etsy outfit, vinyl is taken to evening or party wear. The vinyl has been texturized to give it the look of being alligator leather. Had it not stated that it was vinyl, anyone might assume that this outfit was made from real alligator.

There are quite a few Etsy sellers who specialize in making outfits from vinyl. Each one of the pictures featured is from a different seller and each has a different style and function.

Even if you don’t plan on purchasing anything, Etsy can be great inspiration for your own vinyl fabric sewing projects. Once you realize how many different styles you can make from vinyl, the only limit is your imagination. From evening to rainy day to cooler weather, vinyl can be introduced in to any wardrobe for any use to create a unique look.

Goth Clothing and Vinyl Fabric: a Classic Duo

Everyone has their own unique look, their own sense of style. These looks and styles tend to get classified in to a certain category: preppy, professional, sporty, or Goth.  People are quick to put labels on things and the type of style that a person has is no exception.  Out of all of the previously mentioned styles, Goth is probably the one that is judged the most harshly.

When society thinks of the word “Goth”, an image of an adolescent teen in heavy eyeliner, piercings, and dark clothing may come to mind.  Consequently, this look classifies the wearer as a troublemaker.  However, these generalizations of the Goth looks and the misconceptions that come along with the people who dress in that way can be very wrong.  Like they say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

Goth is not all gloom and doom.  It can be rich, using plush velvet, suede, and leather.  The clothing does tend to be darker, which is why so many people jump to conclusions about the wearer.

The three pictures are just a sampling of what could be considered as Goth clothing.  As you can see, a trend in Goth clothing is a leather look.  Typically, this leather look comes from the material vinyl, which gives Goth clothing the same look leather would without the huge expense.

It is common for a Goth outfit to have at least some part of it that is vinyl.  This can be a top, a bottom, or an accessory.  Since Goth clothing has largely fallen out of favor, it may be difficult to find the exact pieces that you are looking for; however, that can be easily remedied with a sewing machine and some vinyl fabric.

The first picture shows a cluster from left to right of a top, a jacket, and a dress.  While nothing except the jacket is made from vinyl, this picture shows that not all Goth clothing should be held in disdain.  It also disproves the common conception that all Goth clothing is dark by showing the bright red dress.

The middle picture shows another outfit that could be worn by anyone; even those who do not consider the Goth look to be part of their personal style.  While the entirely black Goth outfit may seem gloomy to some, having the outfit in all the same color produces a slimming effect.  The vinyl fabric of the leather pants also shows off the wearer’s lean legs.

The third and final picture shows an outfit that may not be to everyone’s taste, but  is still a fairly versatile Goth outfit.  Made entirely from vinyl, the military jacket and skirt combination adds a structured, tailored look to a feminine silhouette, striking an intriguing balance between the two.

Goth outfits are statements, not because they have bold colors or designs.  They are bold outfits because of the vinyl fabric typically found somewhere in the ensemble.  Although the majority of Goth outfits are pretty unimaginative when it comes to color, when it comes to fabric, the sky is the limit.  Like any other style, it is up to you to add your personal flair to it to make the style truly yours.

Vinyl Fashion Inspiration from Pinterest

There is no limit to the uses of vinyl. Vinyl can be used for many different applications. A lot of people may think of vinyl records but today, vinyl is becoming an inspiration to the fashion designers of the world.

Vinyl is taking the fashion industry to a new level, as it provides a way for a piece of clothing to look expensive, without actually having to be expensive.

A popular way to incorporate vinyl in to fashion is with any sort of vinyl bottom. This can include skirts, pants, and shorts. The vinyl material makes whatever article of clothing it is molded into a statement piece. The shine of the vinyl captures the attention of anyone who is nearby.

The two pictures above show two very different looks, but they have one thing in common: vinyl bottoms. The left shows a more conservative look; whereas, the one on the right showcases a look that is a little more adventurous. Each is a statement piece and can give the wearer very different looks, even though they are technically wearing the same fabric.

As you can see in the picture on the right, another way vinyl can capture the eye is by its bold colors. A lot of these hues include neon pinks, greens, and yellows. If vinyl in these colors is too loud for the wearer, neon vinyl accessories also add a nice touch to any outfit as a more subtle statement piece.

This oversized vinyl clutch uses a pop of neon vinyl to grab the eye of passersby. It does not have as bold of a look as a hot pink and silver vinyl outfit, but it adds interest and personality to its carrier. The style is simple enough for even beginning seamstresses to make their own from vinyl fabric at home.

Vinyl handbags are a little less dramatic than an oversized vinyl clutch, but still very appealing. A vinyl handbag gives the impression of leather, while maintaining a lower price tag.

The two above pictures show how functional vinyl can be. The picture on the left is a vinyl messenger bag and the picture on the right shows a two-strap purse. Both are versatile enough to be used in a casual or business setting. They are simplistic, yet they look expensive.

Vinyl is everywhere. From clothing to accessories, vinyl is taking over the fashion world, offer wearers everything from the subtle air of expensiveness to an eye-catching piece that is certain to turn heads.

Vinyl Home Decor

Vinyl is probably best known for its use when making records, but did you know you can create vinyl home decor from the material as well? Because of its low cost and great durability, there are a variety of uses in and around the home for vinyl. Whether it’s a big make-over or a small decoration, vinyl home decor is an easy cost-effective way to get the job done.

Vinyl is a popular choice among home owners for flooring and walls, but what if your projects aren’t that big? You don’t have to redo the entire room in order to add a piece of vinyl home decor. There are a lot of great do-it-yourself ideas that can update your room by adding just one piece. The bedroom is a great place to start. Here are a few fun easy ways to add a bit of vinyl home decor to your bedroom:


Vinyl pillow
Vinyl Pillow

Vinyl Pillow Cases: Since vinyl is a breathable fabric, it’s a great choice for pillow cases. You can find the fabric in almost any color and pattern you are looking for. There are hundreds of choices of vinyl pillow cases online, but pillow cases are also an easy do-it-yourself project. If you know how to sew, it is simple to make a pillow case.

Vinyl Wall Decal: Vinyl is often used for walls, so it looks natural when it is placed on a wall. Wall decals have become a popular interior design tool and wide-spread use of vinyl home decor. Cut almost any shape you want from a piece of vinyl (silhouettes are popular), cover with a thin layer of liquid starch, and smooth onto your wall with a piece of tough cardboard. Voila! A truly original piece of vinyl home decor that will surely be the centerpiece of your room.


Vinyl Headboard
Vinyl Headboard

Vinyl Headboard: Take that old drab wooden headboard and make it a piece of vinyl home décor. Separate your headboard from your bed and cut a piece of patterned vinyl large enough to cover the front and sides and a few inches into the back. With a partner, stretch the fabric tightly around the headboard and staple the excess fabric to the back of the board. Reattatch the headboard to the bed. Your sweet-dreams area is now up-to-date with your dream bedroom.

Vinyl Fabric Covered Picture Frames: Channel your inner Martha Stewart and make a fabric covered picture frame by covering the picture frame and gluing it down to the inner and outer edges using fabric glue.

Vinyl home décor is an easy and cost effective way to redo a bedroom, making a great alternative to expensive renovations. Get creative: there are hundreds of vinyl home decor ideas out there just waiting to be discovered!


Styles of vinyl raincoats

Vinyl Trench Coat

Vinyl Trench Coat

Although most of us haven’t worn a vinyl raincoat since childhood or a voyage on the Maiden of the Mist at Niagara Falls, they are a look worth revisiting for a kitschy, cute, or retro addition to your wardrobe. The vinyl slicker raincoat has been used as part of an iconic culture for almost a century.


One of the first uses of a vinyl raincoat as part of an advertising campaign came when the makers of Morton Salt needed a logo. They decided on a little girl wearing a vinyl raincoat, holding an umbrella in one hand to fight off the heavy rain and holding a box of salt that was pouring out of the container behind her.

The motto,”When it rains, it pours” was born and became a slogan and logo popular to pop culture. The girl in the image has changed six times since its conception, but the vinyl raincoat has remained in each one; the current logo has been used since 1968.

In the American movie classic “Singing in the Rain”, dancing sensations Gene Kelly, Donald O’Conner and Debbie Reynolds used vinyl raincoats as props during their famous dance number to “Good Morning” and the traditional yellow vinyl slicker-type raincoat was also show throughout the movie.

Long Vinyl Trench CoatIn the 60’s, mods wore vinyl raincoats of various styles, some in a black and white color scheme, and others clear, with black detailing to show off their Mary Quant mini-dresses and complement the geometric styles of their dresses and accessories with geometric outlines in black.

While these slick raincoats may not be an ingrained part of our culture these days, vinyl clothing of all types is back in a big way, and protecting yourself from the rain with vinyl is the perfect complement to your vinyl handbag and vinyl leggings, completing the look by adding a new layer to it.

Clear Vinyl Raincoat

Clear Vinyl Raincoat

Vinyl is a fantastic fabric for coats of all lengths, from waist length coats, to coats that fall above the knee, to classic trench coats with the hem falling below the knee for a ladylike and professional look. It is a look that is adaptable to anyone, depending on the length and the color or print of vinyl that you choose.

Metallic styles can add a high-fashion twist to a rainy day; whereas, polka dots can add a touch of childlike whimsy and fun to your wardrobe. If you live somewhere like Seattle or Portland, a vinyl raincoat gives you a way to incorporate the fun and shiny fabric to your wardrobe on an almost daily basis; whereas, in other parts of the country, the novelty and excitement of wearing vinyl makes a rainy day cause for celebration rather than a cause for gloom.

Rihanna: The New Poster Girl for Vinyl Fashion

Rihanna’s music video for the song “S & M” is an amazing tribute to fashion’s sexiest fabrics: vinyl and latex.  In the video, she is seen in various latex styles, from a 1940’s chic dress with a matching fascinator to a candy-colored pink and orange minidress.  It wouldn’t be a S & M themed music video without the notable appearance of her white vinyl outfit, a head-to-toe fetish look, feature a white vinyl bikini with matching vinyl stockings, gloves, and hood.

Rihanna stays true to the song’s theme when she performs it in concert, with a variety of vinyl unitards in white and black, usually with a very high, 80’s style cut to complement her thighs and hardware details to finish off the S & M styling.

With her dedication to vinyl and latex, Rihanna has now become one of the most widely searched for celebrities for images of her in her seductive new fabric of choice, beating out even Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Kate Beckinsale, and Beyonce Knowles, whose appearances, photo shoots, and films featuring vinyl are ever-present in our cultural memory.  The “S & M” video is certain to become as synonymous with vinyl as Madonna’s “Human Nature” video, Lady Gaga, and Bianca Beauchamp.

Vinyl leggings: from Hollywood to your closet

Coco Austin wearing vinyl leggings.

Coco Austin wearing vinyl leggings.

It seems like no matter where we turn these days, we are seeing vinyl leggings in the media, whether we’re reading US Weekly or watching Fashion Police, they are absolutely everywhere.  Celebrities of all types and body shapes are embracing the vinyl leggings trend, from Miley Cyrus to Coco Austin.

Victoria Beckham pairs them with a conservative, lady-like blazer just about everywhere that she goes; Elle Macpherson walks the red carpet in them; and they appear on just about every pop star’s tour and in every nightclub that celebrities frequent.

Although it may look like a trend that only a Hollywood celebrity with a tenuous relationship with food can pull off, women like Coco Austin and J. Lo have amply proven that this trend is flattering for women of all shapes.  Daily Mail asked women of various age groups, heights, and sizes that ranged from 8 to 14 to put the look to the test.

Miley Cyrus and black vinyl leggings.

Miley Cyrus wearing black vinyl leggings.

While most of them expected them to look ridiculous on their bodies, they unanimously agreed that it was “like a corset for their thighs” giving their backside a lift and trimming their thigh and hip measurements by an inch, with the added benefit of the color black’s slimming qualities.

Not all women have the right social situation in which to wear vinyl leggings; however, celebrities and mortals alike have proven that size and shape have no bearing on whether or not the trend will look great on you.  While you may look fantastic in them, the average women interviewed and photographed for Daily Mail warned that they were “certainly not for shrinking violets” and that the only way for them to look their best is to look comfortable and exude confidence in them, because vinyl leggings and self-confidence are an unbeatable and completely unforgettable combination.

Shiny Futuristic Clothing


When it comes to fashion, the world is constantly looking to the future. There are many modern fabric options out there that are known for being futuristic in their appearance. This video has a showcase of futuristic attire that illustrates what people assume will be popular decades from now. You may be able to use some ideas from this video to inspire you to create an outfit that is ahead of its time.

Throughout the video, you can see that the women wearing the outfits are in shiny fabrics that reflect light as they walk. These fabrics are most likely vinyl, PVC, snakeskin, or something along those lines. The reason why sheen is considered futuristic is because most people are not confident enough to wear such bold clothing in public at the moment. As celebrities like Lady Gaga make that more of a “norm” in society, shine may become less bold and more average over time.

The futuristic fashions in this video are almost all made in bold colors, like red, yellow, silver, and more. That again goes in line with the concept of standing out in the crowd. While those colors may seem over the top in high doses at the moment, they are certainly expected for the future.
For the most part, people assume that futuristic designs are going to be very geometric. You can expect to see straight lines and angles in most forms of clothing, and vinyl is the perfect material to make that happen. It is stiff enough to hold its shape, but still soft enough to be comfortable when you wear it. This just shows how well vinyl will fit in for the future.

While this fashion show may only hold a glimpse into the future, it is nice to see how others expect fashion to change over the next few decades. You may be wearing vinyl outfits like these sooner than you expect.

Make a Lady Gaga Dress from Vinyl Fabric



Lady Gaga is known for wearing some extreme forms of fashion, and she is not afraid with wear vinyl, PVC, or just about anything else in public. This video explains how to make a dress out of vinyl fabric like the one Lady Gaga wore to the Monster Ball. You may be able to apply some of the tips within the video to clothing projects of your own in the future. Here is an outline of the video contents.

Materials Needed:

  • Frosted Vinyl
  • Manikin (optional)
  • Straight Pins
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Device
  • Sewing Machine

Step 1 – Make a Template
The speaker in the video drew a template of what she thought the dress looked like onto a large piece of butcher paper. She mentions that you will have to determine what your template looks like based on your size and what you want from the dress.

Step 2 – Cut the Fabric
Cut the vinyl so that it matches the template you have drawn. Make two pieces so you have a front and back. Note that you will be sewing the seams together, so you will need to leave a little fabric on the outside to make it fit right. You should be able to see the template through the frosted vinyl. This videographer cut out half of the dress and then folded it over to cut the other half so they would be identical.

Step 3 – Pin the Pieces Together
Pin the front and back pieces together on all sides so they stay in place when you sew them. Make sure they line up all the way around.

Step 4 – Sew the Dress
Sew around all of the edges, leaving a hole for the arms, head, and legs. Then remove the pins and turn the dress inside out.
After all of that, you should have an outfit that looks similar to the one Lady Gaga wore for the Monster Ball. Enjoy your new costume!

Patent Vinyl Accessories

patent vinyl handbag

patent vinyl handbag

When you hear the term “fashion accessories,” you may think of silver jewelry, suede boots, metallic handbags, or something along those lines. What you probably don’t picture is anything associated with vinyl fabric. Vinyl, PVC, leather, and snakeskin are presumably taking over the fashion world though, one accessory at a time. Celebrities and average Janes alike are now wearing vinyl accessories with their clothing because they offer a shiny boost that you can’t find in other fabrics on the market. If you have been looking at spicing up your wardrobe, this may be the way to go.

Patent vinyl is a highly durable fabric, so you can get a lot of use out of one accessory. You can find anything from gloves to handbags and boots made out of this slick fabric in the modern market. Because this fabric is so futuristic, you do not have to worry about one of those accessories going out of style any time soon. You should be able to wear them for years to come.

patent vinyl fingerless gloves

Fingerless gloves with patent vinyl straps

Vinyl is water proof, which makes this fabric perfect for accessories in a rainy city. You could get a vinyl rain coat to keep your body dry, or you could use a vinyl purse to protect your belongings. Thus vinyl offers practical uses just as much as it offers fashionable ones. It could be the perfect fabric for you.

There is no end to the amount of colors or patterns you can find in patent vinyl fashion accessories, so all you have to do is look around to see what you will like. You could be a step ahead of the fashion world with something like this in your closet, and that will carry you through the next decade as everyone else catches up. Take a look at your options and see so for yourself.